Thursday, March 10, 2016


I saw George Clooney tonight...on my way to get my hair cut. Granted, if I had actually seen the real George Clooney on my way to get my hair cut, I would have been mortified. My hair has grown extraordinarily fast the past six weeks; which means my gray roots were embarrassingly visible despite the fact that I have "dusted" them with WOW gray concealer every morning for two weeks. The whole process has added an extra 15 minutes to my usually brief morning beauty (and I use that word loosely) routine. I had that much of a skunk stripe to hide.
Why should I care if George Clooney sees that I have gray hair? George Clooney has gray hair.
George Clooney was propped up by the curb, against a trash can. It was drizzling outside. His gray hair looked very handsome...distinguished even.
It always rains on the day I get my hair cut, ensuring that my hair looks great for the 10 minutes it takes for the hairstylist to remove the cape, swipe my credit card, and schedule my next appointment. After that, it's all downhill. My hair gets wet and frizzy on my way from the salon to the car. The next day, I can NEVER get my hair to look as nice as the stylist made it look the day before.
"It's raining," the hairstylist says knowingly. She has been cutting and coloring my hair for years.
"Of course it is," I say. I don't tell her that I just saw George Clooney. I think about it while I wait for the color to set.
Someone must have grown tired of George Clooney, and his gray hair, and his debonair smile. Someone must have loved him once...enough to buy a huge poster of his face...enough to have the poster framed and hang the poster in her apartment.
But now the framed poster of George Clooney is propped up against a trash can, by the curb, in the rain, about a block from my hair salon.
I decide I have spent way too much time thinking about George Clooney...kicked to the curb. I wasted the time I usually spend reading gossip magazines about beautiful people like George Clooney...while the rain drums against the roof. I must clear my head of poor, rejected George Clooney, or I will not be able to fully enjoy my 10 fleeting minutes of beautiful hair.


  1. Poor George Clooney, kicked to the curb. What a fun post today. So sorry that it's raining. Must have been a good hair day when you took the photo in the corner, no skunk line showing there.

  2. Two year old picture on a sunny day!

  3. Poor George Clooney, out on that curb. But, nice to know he still looked good!

  4. Poor George Clooney, out on that curb. But, nice to know he still looked good!

  5. Hilarious! I never noticed that grey, skunk stripe in your hair-I must pay closer attention!

  6. WOW color concealer keeps it hidden; but I made sure to schedule my next hair cut a week sooner.