Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weather Aware Day

The meteorologist,
on the news at noon,
says, "It's a day
to stay
weather aware..."
I watch from the porch.
The sky is bone white
and eerily still,
a clean sheet,
a canvas...
Ducks on the creek bank
tuck their beaks
under their wings.
A crow flies over,
silent for a change.
In the distance,
a lawnmower hums, then stops.
Someone thought better of it.
Leaves on the trees wave,
barely revealing their silver undersides.
The hot air closes like a fist,
as summer teeters
from June to July.


  1. Love this poem! You describe the quiet before the storm so well. How perfect is that ending? You make me wish I'd written this.

  2. I love the phrases in your poem... the sky is bone white...a crow flies over, silent...summer teeters from June to July... It all adds up to a perfect description.

  3. We have that same fist-closing hot air right now. We're in the midst of a storm warning and a flash flood watch right now! Hope the day ends with the weather you'd like.